Dear Asshole Girl at Taco Bell….

Please don’t walk in random fast food joints with your twelve year old friend whoring around for a dollar. No one wants to buy you a damn taco, so take your ass elsewhere. And just because my friend and I are trying to enjoy our meal that we BOUGHT OURSELVES does not mean you can ask me to buy you something. Seriously…then, as I turn you down please don’t ask why. I DON’T GO AROUND BUYING CHILDREN FOOD… and FYI please don’t proceed to question how my day was going… like I told you, if you don’t catch the sacasm the sun goes up and the sun goes down just like any other day. Please, just go away, no one wants to buy you food try getting a job because no matter how hard you beg I will NOT buy you a damn taco


A not-so-thrilled stranger who was trying to enjoy her buritto

PS… I’m sure the streets would love to have offered money to you if you walk around in clothes that are just a second layer of skin

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Posted on January 5th at 12:54 AM
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    This girl was so fucking annoying…
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